Etan Thomas interviews Kareem Abdul-Jabbar at The National Museum Of African American History And Culture.
In this clip Etan Thomas is interviewing John Carlos live on stage at an event called Into Action in Los Angeles. Etan asks John Carlos to draw a comparison between the way the media and Main Stream America treated him after his iconic stance during the 1968 Olympics and what is currently happening with Colin Kaepernick.
Etan Thomas went on C-Span to discuss his new book We Matter "Athletes And Activism" and explained the two worlds that exist for Black people and for Mainstream America when encountering the police, and how hearing athletes describe their experiences has the ability to expose many to a world they didn't believe exists.

Etan Thomas holds a Black Lives Matter Panel Discussion during NBA All Star Weekend in Harlem

In this clip, Etan Thomas discusses the difficulty of interviewing the family of victims of police brutality in his book We Matter "Athletes And Activism" such as Jahvaris Fulton (brother of Trayvon Martin) Emerald Snipes (daughter of Eric Garner) Tiffany Crutcher (sister of Terence Crutcher) Alysza Castile (sister of Philando Castile) Valerie Castile (Mother of Philando Castile)
The Etan Thomas Foundation put on a powerful "You Matter" panel discussion for high school students at Harlem's Canaan Baptist Church with The Children Of The Movement Erica Garner and Emerald Snipes (daughters of Eric Garner) Jahvaris Fulton (brother of Trayvon Martin) Shaun King, Swin Cash, John Starks, Jerome (JYD) Williams, Nate "Tiny" Archibald, Messiah Ramkissoon, Nichole and Imani Thomas, retired NYPD officer Carlton Berkley and NYPD Deputy Chief Rodney Harrison.