Talk with Phoenix Suns with Emerald Snipes Garner

Thank you to The Phoenix Suns for bringing me and Emerald Snipes Garner (Eric Garner’s daughter) in today to speak to the entire team about the importance of using their voices and their platforms. They were really inspired by listening to Emerald. People think that athletes are speaking out just to be part of a conversation, but when they connect with someone like Emerald and hear her story and struggles and triumphs and she expresses her appreciation to them for continuing to use their voice and how much it means to people who feel their voices aren’t being heard, it resonates. They are also going to give copies of my book We Matter “Athletes And Activism” to the entire team and staff. Planning on doing many more of these talks with other teams. It speaks volumes that the #NBA is progressive enough to embrace this 👊🏾