Onstage with John Carlos

I had had the opportunity to interview John Carlos on stage at an event in LA with Into Action. Absolutely amazing event. He dropped so many gems and so much knowledge. So much respect for him and the courage he had to take the stance he did. It was such an honor to be sitting there with someone whose poster I grew up literally on my wall. After my mother taught me about him and Tommie Smith and I started reading about what he did, I actually began doing the Black Power Salute in my middle school in Tulsa Oklahoma Carver Middle School. As you can imagine it didn't go over well for me with the administration lol but so much respect for this man. We could’ve talked to the audience for hours and I don’t think anyone would have moved. They were literally entranced and hanging on his every word. One of the things that really stood out from what he said this night was how everyone loves and respects him now, Mainstream America fully embraces and honors him and Timor Smith and Muhammad Ali and Bill Russell and Kareem Abdul Jabbar etc etc now, but they didn’t feel that way back in the 60s. He also made it a point to say how much respect he has for Kaepernick for the courage it took for him to maintain the stance he has taken. Like I said, I could’ve sat there and talked to him for hours.